Dev Engineer (Scala) (QR5406)

Software Ontwikkelaar • amsterdam

13 maart 2018

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Functie: Dev Engineer (Scala) (QR5406)
Start: 3-4-2018, 36 uur per week
Periode: 3 mnd+
Omgeving: Amsterdam

For our client in Amsterdam we are looking for a Dev Engineer (Scala)

As part of the department, the purpose of your team is to accelerate teams as they build APIs. For an efficient IT organisation, we aim to reduce double work as much as possible and therefore we build generic solutions for generic challenges that software engineers encounter when building (JVM-based) APIs . Users and stakeholders are for a large part located in The Netherlands, but as our organisation is merging with the deparment in Belgium, teams from there are also prominent users and stakeholders. Beyond that, as we are transforming our international systems towards one global platform, users and stakeholders from all other countries are gradually becoming more important roles to us as well.

As engineer you will work in a squad with 5-7 other engineers that have similar skills as you. It is up to the squad to manage who takes part in discussions with users and stakeholders to come to concrete new features of your product. Sometimes users experience difficulties while integrating your product with their own solution. In such situations, your squad helps the user to tackle these issues. All squad members take part in this technical support towards users. The team is responsible for all activities of the software delivery lifecycle. Because the systems delivered by these teams are critical components of our strategic architecture, reliability of our systems is extremely important. Therefore, we expect you to take responsibility within the team on ensuring very high availability ratings.

We expect every engineers to be fully capable and motivated to take responsibility for the delivery of features, from forming the requirements together with stakeholders, through testing and development (in Scala), until it is running in production. In addition, you’re able to get less experienced engineers to a higher level. At all moments we have to know whether the system is running as we expect it to and we have to be able to deal with any issue that can arise, whether it’s a bug in the application, networking problems, or an issue with something much deeper in the stack. For this last part, it’s important that you have affinity with operating Linux based systems. You are also willing to take part in a 24/7 standby team, which means that roughly once every 8 weeks you'll be on stand-by duty. Furthermore you develop the middleware (through which different systems connect to each other) for example by adding a feature that facilitates canary releases and other routing mechanisms

- Multiple years’ experience with Scala
- Experience with running an Akka-based application in production
- Thourough understanding of functional programming principles and distributed systems
- Good understanding of and affinity with Linux based systems
- Basic understanding of software security issues, like the OWASP top 10
- Capable of delivering both working code and a suitable set of automated tests
- Experience with code reviews

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